Monday, November 12, 2018

Settling in at home....

We arrived home Saturday afternoon and we were both glad to be home and to see everyone! Jordan is doing well and getting settled into her normal routine. Taylor came home Saturday and spent the night with her and Cory & Sunday they binged watch movies and just spent the day together.  As always Cory is doting on her.  His love for her is amazing and I am so thankful he loves my girl the way he does. So I go home at night and come back during the day to hang out with her and Cooper!
Out of all of this her leg is what is giving her the most trouble, I thought for sure it would be the face inscion that has 50 or so sutures! So doing little things like putting her on her socks and shoes, climbing into bed, and just sitting down on the camode are still difficult and require assistance. Her walking is getting back to normal and her facial swelling is improving everyday.
While the healing part continues the hard part begins....the wait to see if this was successful.  It takes 3-5 months for the nerves and muscle to regenerate & to see results.  We are scheduled to go back to Boston the 2nd week of April for a follow up.  I am hopeful we will see some results before then!  
So please continue the prayers for my girl for a successful outcome.  I believe there is power in prayer!
Below are some pictures that have been Jordan approved!  
On the plane heading home!
Friday afternoon at lunch..

Just got discharged!

At the airport 11/10/ step closer to home!

The marks are where they checked for pulses daily and the incision.

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