Monday, October 7, 2019

Another eye surgery @ Duke......

Whew there has been LOTS of activity since March and time has just gotten away from me! BOTH the girls have gotten married, our oldest had a baby, and of course we are building a house! So life has been just a little CRAZY! I promise to do a post just on the wedding soon! 

Yesterday, Jordan, Cory, Derek, & myself traveled to Duke. This eye surgery is to work on the good eye, yes that is right I said the good eye.  When Jordan had surgery in March Dr. Buckley was originally supposed to work on the right “good” eye but ended up just working on the left “bad”eye. With that being said Dr. Buckley and Dr. Bradley discussed with us after the fact that surgery on the good eye was still an option to be able to help straighten the bad eye.  After waking up in March with having a completely different surgery that was was expected it took Jordan some time to decide if she would or wouldn’t have another surgery.  To be honest I think she struggled with this decision and it was a decision that only she could make. 

With that being said, one day I was checking my emails and got an appointment reminder that she had a follow up appointment on Oct 8th for a post surgical follow up. I immediately called Jordan because we were unaware of the appointment and was freaking out a little bit because I was unsure if we would be able to work out work schedules to make this appointment. That was when she told be that she had made the decision to do the surgery and she had scheduled it. So here we are! 

Today’s surgery consisted of him loosening the inner muscle of the good eye to hopefully help straighten the left eye.  He was very hopeful when I talked to him post op and he is expecting good results!  We got her back to the hotel late afternoon and we are all grateful that this time around there has been NO nausea and vomiting!  She has ate, napped, and just said she might feel up to going out to get some supper! 

Thanks for all the continued prayers & support for Jordan & our family.  Her journey, her strength, and her resilience never stops amazing me!