Friday, May 24, 2013

One Year on 5/25/13......

Looking back on this past year the first thought I have is THANKFUL!  Thankful that God let Jordan continue  her journey here on earth! Thankful to ALL the health care workers that have touched her life along this journey! Along the way many have become cherished friends and as a Mom I want to say thanks again for all you did for Jordan & our family! Thankful for all the friends, family, & unknown people out there that have supported us in MANY ways this past year. Thankful Jordan was able to return to MSU this past semester & thankful for ALL the MSU honor's faculty & staff at MSU who made that transitions easy for her. Thankful that she has come as far as she has come during this difficult journey that she continues to walk. While there is still a lot of unknowns out there, we know that Jordan has the strength & courage to overcome anything!  So tomorrow we will enjoy the day & be thankful for the little things in life.  PRAY FOR JORDAN!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MD Update.....

Well today we meet with Dr. Patel & went over the surgical plan to help Jordan get her a new SMILE!I am going to try to explain this as best I can. This procedure is called a facial sling.  No she will not have to wear a face sling afterwards!  :)  This will basically use a piece of her muscle from above her ear and use some tissue from her left thigh to connect the muscle, this will be connected somewhere close to her lip and then afterwards the goals is for her to have a new smile :)  When he was explaining this Jordan was very intrigued  & finds this part of it very fascinating. While we were hoping that he and Dr. Bradley could coordinate this surgery after speaking with him looks like that will not be. So the first surgery will be with Dr. Bradley(eye) in June and then the second surgery will be in July with Dr. Pate(face/smile)l & hopefully Dr. Timmoney, who will fix the eye lid so her left eye can finally close.We see Dr. Timmoney on 6/7/13.  So overall we are looking at 3 in 2(hopefully) surgery's this summer.  As soon as I have all the dates I will pass them along to everyone via the blog.

We have been blessed with wonderful physicians/nurses/staff/caring loved ones/friends during this journey. Again I ask you to keep Jordan & all of us in your thoughts/prayers during the weeks ahead!  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

End of Semester & MD update

Jordan came home last Friday and I am thrilled to have her & Taylor done with school for the summer! I am amazed once again that I get to pass along that Jordan pulled out a 4.0 this semester(Taylor also got a 4.o)!!!  Words can't express how proud I am of her for this achievement. This past year she has dealt with and overcame so many obstacles & always with a smile on her face! She has changed her major to imaging sciences(radiology stuff/MRI/CT/US) she will specialize but not sure in what yet. I know she will succeed and be wonderful in this field! While she has many obstacles still she is determined to not let ANYTHING keep her down!! I also want to give a HUGE shoutout to everyone at MSU for being so wonderful to Jordan this semester!  The support that she receives there helps her be successful & helps this Mom know that she is surrounded with caring/supportive/loving people.

Yesterday also began the summer MD appts!  Yesterday we saw Dr. Melanie Bradley to discuss the eye surgery.  After a long discussion it was decided that Jordan will have the surgery done. This will entail moving 2 muscles in the eye and the goal is to make her eye midline. Dr. Bradley was very honest that Jordan may need another surgery later on but we are very hopeful this surgery will have great results! Jordan is VERY excited about this surgery!  We are hoping to coordinate this surgery with Dr. Patel, who will do surgery on her face, so that she will only have to be put asleep one time!  We see him on Tuesday!  Fingers crossed that this can happen!

So looks like our Summer will again be filled with surgery's/MD appts but we are also hopeful she will get to enjoy the lake this summer!  Thanks for the continued prayers/support during this Journey that Jordan & our family continues on.