Thursday, November 8, 2018

Post op day 2 and am update for day 3..

Oh what a difference between day 2 and day 1!!  Yesterday she turned a corner, tolerated food, and most importantly was able to keep it down!  She walked a ton, played Jenga with her little friend, and played around on her iPad. While her and her little friend were playing the chaplain came around and he was telling her little friend what a big smile he brought to Jordan’s face.  Jordan said something about her facial palsy and her uneven smile and her little friend said “ You have a beautiful smile”. That brought a tear to my eye!  Here is this child that sees what I see everyday but what she is sometimes unable to see.  It was such a sweet moment. She is a little discouraged that walking is so tough and she is hopeful once the final drain is pulled it will improve.  I keep telling her one day at a time!  The facial swelling is at its worse today.  Poor thing looks like she has a shiner :(  That too will start to subside slowly.  She is starting to worry about how she is going to do things once she gets home and I keep telling her she will have so many people around to help her she is going to get tired of us all!  As a Mom, I just want to help her do everything so she doesn’t fall or get hurt.  Stepping back is hard to do but something I know I will have to do in the days ahead.
Now one of the crazy things they brought her yesterday on her supper tray was purple sherbet!  Who has ever seen sherbet that color? It was raspberry flavor and she did the taste test and said, “ Nope not for me”.  LOL I guess we were both expecting the normal orange sherbet but boy did we get a surprise!
The team has already been in this morning and the plan is to pull the last drain this afternoon and then kick her out!  We are both ready to bust out of here and she is anxious to be able to take a hot shower tomorrow & finally be able to wash her hair! Not going to lie we are both a little nervous about getting around with her and luggage in tow!  We have discussed several scenarios this morning and have come up with a game plan. Let’s hope it works!

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