Saturday, February 16, 2013

Went back to the MD.....

Our day of MD appointments started @ 9am yesterday and ended about 3:(   That made for a long day for the both of us!  First Jordan saw Dr. Timoney(one of her 3 eye MD's) and he said her left eye was doing wonderful still!  He was very happy to report that even though the eye still does not close it isn't showing any signs of irritation, YEAH!  One thing he did was order some labs on her to check her thyroid function due to her eyes "bulging".  He has to rule this out before he lifts up the lower eyelid. So it looks like in May/June Jordan will be having some eye surgery on the muscle and eye lid.   We will also see Dr. Patel in May to discuss the surgery option on the face muscles. The 2nd stop of the day was for a MRI. Unfortunately they were running behind so we had a lengthy wait here :(  After the MRI the next stop was to see Dr. Fraser.  All in all her report was good except she does have some swelling in her medulla.  At this time he just want to watch it unless she becomes symptomatic & he said he really can't explain why there is swelling.  Not what we were hoping to hear but we are still very blessed.   She had several questions for him, one being roller coasters! He said he didn't want her to be restricted from anything in life but to not go for the biggest one!  So after 8 years I see a King's Island trip in our future! He again remarked how positive Jordan's attitude has been during all of this and how hard he knows it has been on her in every way.  Of course in typical Jordan fashion she was like, "it is what it is." So in August Jordan will have another MRI & see Dr. Fraser and I am sure we will have roller coaster stories to tell him!There is no way for me to really ever thank Dr. Fraser & his wonderful team enough for the care they have given Jordan & our family.

On another note Jordan is adjusting to school wonderfully!  Her roommates are wonderful with helping her (if/when) she needs it and she has gotten into a "normal" routine.  Now she is looking toward the future and trying to decided what she is going to major in, Nursing/Imaging sciences. I am hoping that God will help direct her in where/what she needs to do. 

Again, thanks to ALL of you that continue to pray for Jordan & our family! It does take a village to raise a child and Jordan has a HUGE village :)  Love to all & PRAY FOR JORDAN!