Friday, September 28, 2012

Obstacles everywhere!

Well the insurance obstacles continue :(  Why is it that we have to fight for help that our loved ones need?  Why is it that someone @ a desk gets to determine how many therapy visits you get a year regardless of WHY you need the visits?  The therapy visits that the insurance ALLOWS is getting ready to run out for the year for Jordan.  My plan only allows 45 visits a year & my plan goes from July1st-July1st.  So no more visits until JULY:(:(  To me this is UNACCEPTABLE and WRONG!  The application for SSi was denied(they say she is able to work) so we are going to start that appeal process.  We are also going to apply for a Brain injury medicaid waiver program.  Hopefully, this will have a positive outcome for her! I keep telling myself that God will provide!

There are 2 upcoming fundraiser for Jordan :)  The first one will be on October 19th from 5-7 @ the Morehead State University Honors house. This is a NON MSU sponsored event hosted by some wonderful MSU folks!  There will be entertainment, refreshments, & a silent auction. Jordan's MSU family has been wonderful to her & our family during this difficult journey.  I would like to especially thank Dr. Philip Krummrich.   The second fundraiser is on October the 23rd @ Puccini's in Chevy Chase.  This event will be hosted by Valerie Esposito & the wonderful owners of Puccini's.  This is an ALL DAY event!! We will be there from 5ish-8.  So, if you are in the area that day please come by and enjoy some great food with us!!

Jordan continues to do well & works hard at therapy! The therapist are wonderful and she enjoys the interaction with the other patients!  She has also been helping paint @ the house!  Which has wore her out but she has hung in there!  Vision therapy is also going well and we hope to continue to see progress with her left eye. We thank you for the continued prayers and support for Jordan & our family.  PRAY FOR JORDAN!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Overdue update!

I can't believe that it has almost been a month since I have updated the blog :(  I am so sorry!  Well it has a been busy so let me get to things!

We have seen 2 other eye MD's since the last update. Dr. Bradley & Dr. Timmoney. I must say we fell in love with these two right from the beginning also!  I can't say we love the wait to see them but it is worth it!  LOL  Dr. Bradley would be the MD operating on the actual eye muscle if we need to do that in the future.  Dr. Timmoney would be the MD operating on the eye to help it close properly.  Both were please with her eye health and are going to just follow her for now. YEAH!  Jordan does have to use eye drops frequently and she has to patch her left eye at night to protect it.  Not bad news from either of them & Jordan was just glad that there is NO surgery for now!
Therapy seems to be going well and Jordan loves the CLIMB program.  I think it helps her in so many ways and she looks forward to going!  Vision therapy has begun and she is diligently doing her eye exercises every day!  I must say that it has only been 3 weeks but I can already see some improvement when I help her do her eye stretches! YEAH!  Her resilience and strength continue to amaze me! 
The worst thing that has happened since my last post was the death of Jordan's 17yr old cat Oliver :(  This was her baby and was a huge loss after all that she has been through.
As always we thank you for the thoughts/prayers for Jordan & our family!  PRAY FOR JORDAN!