Wednesday, December 19, 2018

6 weeks post op....

Well the past 6 weeks have flown by!  Jordan is doing great but unfortunately has had some post op complications with her leg.   The week after surgery she developed a seroma, which is a pocket of fluid, in the outer leg incision despite us wrapping her leg daily.  This has had to be drained weekly since surgery and Jordan says it feels like her leg is jiggling when she walks!  LOL This will resolve itself with time but is a BIG inconvenience for her.  But in true Jordan style she has been a trooper with this and we are VERY thankful for Dr. Chris Marek in Danville, KY  for taking care of this for her.  He is absolutely wonderful to us!   The face incisions have healed up nicely and we are patiently awaiting for that nerve to start working!  The facial swelling is slowly subsiding but seems to always be there in the mornings. When we asked about this they said that it would take a good 12weeks for this to fully resolve. We should be used to this waiting game by now but we aren't!  She called me a few weeks ago and was like "Mom when I brush my teeth on the right side I can feel it on the left side"!  That is new for her so we are both taking that as a positive sign!  We have also gotten the date for Duke and it will be 2/15/19.  So once the holiday fun is over we travel again!

9 days after surgery 11/14/18
 She is back to work and we are all preparing to spend Christmas at her and Cory's house since we are living in the RV while the new house is being built.  She is excited to host the festivities this year and to celebrate her & Taylor's 26th Birthday!! Hard to believe they will be 26! Where did that time go?!?!   Below are some pictures since surgery!  


Loving on Hershey

Day of surgery and then  11/27/18

Jordan & Taylor 

Jordan & Cory
We thank all of your for your continued prayers and support! We hope that all of you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 

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