Wednesday, July 8, 2015

One year later....

This week makes one year since we traveled to Boston for the 2nd phase of the facial surgery.  I wished I could tell you that she has movement but to be honest she doesn't.  We were so excited for this surgery and we were very hopeful for a great outcome.  While there isn't much movement, people that don't get to see her very often see a difference in her face. I wished that we could see it as much as they tell me they see it.  Jordan doesn't really see it and to be honest she really doesn't talk about it much.  I know deep down she was hoping for a better outcome & is disappointed.  She has overcame so much & has accomplished many things these past 3 years!  So YES we are going to continue our daily lives and Jordan will continue to achieve great things!  PRAY FOR JORDAN!
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