Wednesday, May 25, 2016

4 years today.........

Has it really been December since I updated the blog?!?!  WOW    No news is good news!! I am happy to say that  Jordan is doing great!! It is 7am as I write this and it was 4 years ago that they had just wheeled her back to the OR and her real journey began.  As I reflect on that day, there are lots of emotions.  That was the longest day of my life that was filled with too much unknown!  The waiting room was filled with tons of people there to support Jordan and our family.   Jordan has had a long windy journey since this day 4 yrs ago. Multiple surgeries, therapy, more therapy, even more therapy,  and adjusting everyday routines to compensate for her motor skill deficits.  Her outcome has been so good because she had  great doctors and therapist! 
  On May 14th she graduated from MSU with honors in radiology sciences.  I must tell the sweetest story of the beautiful yellow dress she wore.  Cory picked that dress out himself at Ralph Lauren (with a little face time help from Taylor).  He wanted to surprise her with a new dress for graduation.  Well he could only hold the surprise for about 4 hours! LOL  She loved the dress and picked out some small wedge sandals to wear with it.  YES…..she actually could walk in them!!! Made me nervous as hell but another obstacle she has overcame!!!  She has taken and passed her  RT (xray) CT(cat scan)boards and will soon sit for her MRI boards.   She is also now working part time for a local hospital. There are just no words to describe the feeling that I had as a Mom watching her walk across the stage.  Just knowing what all she has gone thru and overcame brought lots of happy tears to not only me but to all that could attend.   There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not still truly amazed by her.  Her future is bright!!!
Now I am sure some of you are asking when is the wedding date?!?!  Still no date yet!  They are in no hurry and that is fine with meJ   Cory has been a part of this family for so long and with school being done I am sure a date will come soon J

Again thank you to each and every one of you that continue to pray and be a cheerleader for Jordan. All of you have been down this journey with her and us in some form or fashion.  We are very grateful for each and every one of you.  PRAY FOR JORDAN