Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Good eye appt & back to school she goes...

Jordan recently saw Dr. Bradley for a follow up! Her eyes are doing great and no change was needed in her prescription! A long overdue Fresnel Prism for her lens was replaced & a discussion was made about possibly getting a contact lens to go over her left eye in times that she did not want to wear glasses.  She decided to wait until a school break to get an appointment with the contact person to discuss this further & I think it would be nice for her to have that option!  Dr. Bradley was pleased with how the weight looked and how well her eye had healed!  Jordan doesn't need to see her again until the Spring, which is GREAT news!!
She has also completely healed up from this last surgery!  All of her incisions look great but the leg still gives her a little trouble:(  Hopefully, in time that will get go away.
Back to school already?!?!  Yes, Jordan started back to school yesterday & is doing a clinical rotation in Georgetown.  She seems to be loving it  & can't wait to get this semester under her belt! This means that she will only be on campus in Morehead on certain Friday's, so we will get to see more of her this semester!  
On another note... Below I wanted to share some pics from Boston, recent one of the girls, & another of the engagement!

 There is nothing like the love of sisters.These pictures reflect their love & shows where a big part of our life has been spent the past 2 years & the improvement that has been made! I can't even begin to explain how thankful that I am that Jordan is able to be back in school & make plans for her future.  We have LOTS of different doctors, nurses, & therapist's to thank for that! Jordan has shown her strength & resilience many times & continues to inspire not just me but many other's with her journey! I am very proud of both my girls & am so lucky that God chose me to be their Mom!