Monday, November 5, 2018

Facial surgery....Take 3

We arrived very tired at the hospital early this am for what hopes to be the last & a SUCCESSFUL facial surgery.  Preop was very unventful and we got a lot of last minute questions answered.  Surgery is expected to be between 6-8hrs long (we heard that timeframe days ago but it still hadn’t sunk in til today).  Dr. Hadlock and her partner Dr. Jowet will be doing the surgery together.  The surgery consist of them taking muscle and fascia from her left  leg and placing it into the left side of her face.  This will entail removing the muscle that was transferred during the 1st facial surgery.  They are also going to connect the chewing nerve and blood supply to the muscle that they are going to transfer today. This will take about  3-5 months for all of that to start working. There will be several incision on the left side of her face, she will have a drain in her face, and 2 in her right leg where the muscle/fascia are removed. She will also have a foley until tomorrow and will also not be able to eat or drink until tomorrow :(  We will be admitted until Thursday.  So I foresee lots of walking and Netflix in our future! Jordan was in very good spirits this morning and was very anxious to “get the party started”!  LOL. She told me just before she was whisked away that she had the easy part today and I had the hard part.  She is so wise beyond her years!
As I sit here typing this I can’t help but reflect on the the past 6 years. This journey really began when she was diagnosed but the real path of the journey began in 2012. My girl has been through so much these past 6 years. As a parent I only wished that there was a magic wand somewhere that would make all of this better for her.  Yes, she has adapted to her deficits, yes she has overcome SO many things,  but I also know that the facial palsy and the eye issue bother her more than she would like to admit and I can understand that! As a Mom I hurt  because I can’t fix them for her!   So today I am praying that this surgery is successful and that in the months ahead when she goes to chew we will see a symmetrical big beautiful smile! 


  1. Prayers, hugs and love!! Wish you had the perfect band aid. You could kiss it and make it better.

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