Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back @ MSU & MD update :)

Only Jordan could move back to college with caravan!  Moving her back to Morehead was a group adventure with Taylor, Sara, Cory, Trev, & of course Mom & D! As a Mom my emotions have been on a roller coaster since dropping her off on Saturday. This was a huge step for Jordan to take & I am so very proud of all the progress she has made these past 8 months to be able to start this next chapter of her Journey.  The smile on her face was priceless when we arrived on campus Saturday! Jordan was glad Mornissa(Jordan's roommate last year) & her family were there moving back @ the same time so we enjoyed seeing them & catching up.  After getting settled & visiting with friends we were off to Pasquales for those famous cheese fries!  Jordan has craved those fries since May& they are very tasty!  After that it was time for all of us to say their goodbyes and let me just tell you, taking your child back to college the 2nd time & after all we have been through, is/was NOT easy!  Jordan said the first day of classes was GREAT & that all of her professors were very nice!  Her strength continues to amaze me!

On another note Jordan continues to do her weekly vision therapy which is helping her vision! She also just had a follow up with one of her eye MD's and she was very honest with us that to pull the eye out mid line that surgery will more than likely have to happen in the spring. We continue to pray that this will correct itself & we will make the decision at the next follow up regarding whether to do surgery or not.  Jordan will also have a MRI/Dr. Fraser follow up a month from today!  We are hoping for GREAT news at this visit :-)

Please continue to keep her in your prayers & again we thank each one of you that has helped Jordan on this Journey.  PRAY FOR JORDAN :)