Friday, June 28, 2013


Today marks 2 weeks since surgery & after a rough start it looks great! Jordan had a f/u appt with Dr. Bradley 6/25 and she seemed to be very pleased with the eye.  Jordan has a little more "blurry" vision that what she was hoping for but she seems to think that it will correct itself in the weeks to come. The redness also looks much better :)   So for now we are just putting no tears in as needed & will see Dr. Bradley back the 2nd week of July.  
One big step did happen this past week!  Jordan drove a little for the first time since last year!  She was very excited about driving but was/is still very nervous about it! So hopefully we can get her "Daisy" sold and get her an automatic car to start getting used to driving again.
Now while  I was on the phone typing this I received word that Jordan WAS approved to go for evaluation with Dr. Tessa Hadlock @ the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Clinic! This news is so exciting for Jordan & I can NOT stop crying tears of joy @ the moment! Looks like we have a trip to Boston to plan!!! Anyone have some frequent flyer miles they want to give us?  LOL  
Thanks to all of you out there that keep Jordan & our family in your thoughts/prayers on a daily basis!  God is listening & God does provide!!! .....PRAY FOR JORDAN :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013


Well yesterday we were back to see the the MD for some nasty swelling that happened 2 days post op with some drainage. MD said no infection just that her eye was very angry because it was drying out at night because the eye doesn't close all the way. So we were told to tape at night & do no tears every two hours on top of the every 6hour antibiotic ointment. We were very happy there was NO infection! 
Today we are concerned with an area on the outside corner of her eye that seems to look like a bubble or blister protruding from her eye. 
Just talked to MD and she states that Jordan is just having more swelling than she expected and thinks it should resolve in a week.  Why can't anything be EASY?!?! 
Jordan is worried so please say a little extra prayer for her tonight!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Eye Surgery Update 6/14/13

One more part of Jordan's Journey started today and I can sum it up in one word....GREAT!!!  Of course the trip there was a little rushed because they called us to come in 1hr early. So coordinating Jordan's posse that goes to all surgery's was CRAZY!  LOL  The surgery today moved 2 eye muscles to the side to help pull Jordan's left eye to be straight. She also has a permanent stitch in those muscles to help pull them tighter to hold that eye straight. Dr. Bradley chose not to do the Botox injection due possibly causing "too much" of a correction this time that could not be corrected later on.  The procedure only took 1 1/2 hours & Jordan did wonderful! She will have some bloody drainage for the next few days and will have lots of irritation from the 8 stitches in her eye...OUCH!  Dr. Bradley was very pleased with the immediate results and said in 2 wks we would have a good idea of what today's result one be and that changes could continue for 3 months.  So, if a second surgery is needed it would not occur until September or later. Below I have posted a picture of before & after today's surgery.  The pictures show what a great success today was & I am sorry if the after picture makes anyone squeamish.  
Overall today was a complete success & we have the man upstairs to thank for that!  We have been blessed with wonderful doctor's and I can't thank them enough for all they have done for Jordan!  Thanks for all the support & prayers for Jordan & our family.........PRAY FOR JORDAN
Before Surgery

After Surgery

Monday, June 10, 2013


Lets start with a update from Dr. Patel (face).  Dr. Patel called me last week regarding Jordan & a possible new plan for her.  After much thought & discussion with colleague's he would like to send Jordan to Boston to see Dr. Tessa Hadlock,, a specialist there that only deals with facial paralysis.  He explained that he does not perform the surgery that she has to offer & his thoughts are that it will give her a better long term result that what he has to offer. I have read about Dr. Hadlock & searched the above link and her results are amazing!  Words can't express how impressed I am by Dr. Patel & his compassion with Jordan.  The catch here is we have to get insurance approval.   So, prayer warriors, I need you to pray that this will be approved so we can go see what this lady has to offer!
This past Friday (6/7) Jordan saw Dr. Timoney, he is the MD that will do the surgery to help her left eye close. We let him know about Jordan's upcoming surgery on 6/14 and after getting that knowledge the plan really changed!   Dr. Timoney said that he wants to wait a couple of months before he does anything to the eye lid so that Jordan can completely heal from the eye surgery.  He explained to us that this time was needed so that the surgery that he performs will not affect the surgery that Dr. Bradley does.  He also explained what he may do for his surgery but that he can't be 100% which option he would choose until we know the results of the upcoming surgery. He also is still concerned she may have a thyroid issue even though her labs are normal.  He is going to discuss this with some colleague's and get back to us.  So, as Jordan would say, "I don't do anything easy"!
 This is not the news Jordan or we were hoping for, since she wanted to get most of this out of the way this summer before school starts back in the fall. The reality is this journey will be lifelong for Jordan & our family.So as we wait to see if Boston gets approved we are gearing up for surgery this Friday(6/14). Jordan is grateful it is an outpatient procedure but is not looking forward to the fact she can not swim for at least 2 weeks:(
As always thank you for the continued prayers & support.........PRAY FOR JORDAN