Sunday, August 19, 2018

Oh what a trip......

Oh what a travel nightmare this trip was!  It started off with our 1st flight being delayed, which caused us to be rerouted on our layover flight to Charlotte.  We arrive in Charlotte and the crew was delayed so we didn't land in Boston until after 5pm. With all of the 1st day travel issues Cory was stalking our flight status on Tuesday.  So, after we had seen the MD we had a great lunch at the Hard Rock and was walking to Faneuli Hall to grab some yummy desert, when he found out our 1st flight home was delayed.  He immediately was on the phone with the airline and they informed him we would totally miss our layover connection in NY.  There were also no other flights leaving from Boston going close to home :(  Ultimately, our flight ended up being cancelled.  So, instead of staying another night in Boston and risk going thru the same thing again the next day the decision was made to....DRIVE HOME!  Whew what a wild ride that was!!  So, if anyone is wondering, it took 14hrs to get from downtown Boston to Cory & Jordan's driveway...965miles!   Jordan was a champ and stayed up during the LONG ride home talking to whoever was driving.  After getting home and taking about a 4hr hour nap Cory and I got back up and drove to Louisville to drop the rental off and pick up my car.  We hope to NEVER have to do that again!  Jordan & I both kept telling Cory that we had made this trip several times and had never encountered any of this travel issues until this trip! We are hopeful the next trip is much smoother!

Now, let's get to the MD update!  Yes, Dr. Hadlock was very disappointed that she did not have more movement on the left side of her face but was pleased that there was feeling on that side.  After some discussion it was decided that Jordan did have another surgical option and she has decided to go forward with this. This will entail another 3 day hospital stay and we will be in Boston for a week.  We went ahead and napped the last spot for the year so she is scheduled for surgery Nov 5th.  This surgery will entail putting the chewing nerve and taking some muscle from her leg again and placing them into the left side of her face. Again this does not have immediate results.  The results should be seen in 4-6 months and the goal is when she bites down and acts like she is chewing it will make her smile symmetrical. Now the insurance game begins and we pray that this is approved by them.  We need all the good vibes and prayers you can spare!


Cory & Jordan @ Faneuil Hall