Monday, November 5, 2018

Post op day of surgery....11/5/18

Jordan came out of surgery about 1:30 and I got to see her about 3. She was lucky enough to have a post op nurse named Linda who had taken care of her before and remembered her & Cooper!  LOL Cooper is Jordan’s dog for those of you who don’t know who he is.   Dr. Hadlock & her team were very pleased with the way things went!  They did remove the muscle that was previously transferred and replaced it with new muscle from her right leg.  She said that the  transferred muscle looked good and she thinks  the 1st surgery was unsuccessful due to poor nerve regeneration.  She said the nerve that was transferred in the previous surgery was working but just wasn’t strong enough to get that muscle moving.   As I said in my last post,  Jordan has incisions on the inside and outside of her left leg and down the old incision on the left side of her face. All three places have drains that will stay in place for the next few days.  Unfortunately, she can’t have anything by mouth until after she has a ultrasound in the am to check the blood flow of the graft.  If the graft looks good she gets to eat, if they see a issue she will go back to the OR.  So fingers crossed all looks well!  According to Dr. Hadlock & her team this surgery has a 92% success rate!  The pain has been minimal but as most of you know that have kept up with her since this journey began, my girl has a very HIGH tolerance to pain. So we have to keep on her about telling us when the pain is too much. We thought she was  all clear of the queezy belly but we spoke to soon.  At this time she is finally back to sleep with nausea meds and pain meds on board.
We are very lucky to be on the pediatric floor and I was pleasantly surprised  when they gave us a room with 2 beds! We also had the sweetest little boy welcome us to the floor and brought Jordan a slinky:) So I am off to sleep while she sleeps.  Thank you for all of the calls, texts, thoughts and prayers...we sure do appreciate them!