Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st week of school & MD update...

Jordan has the 1st of school under her belt and she is already very busy studying! The rad sciences program is very demanding & she is up for the challenge! 
Yesterday Jordan also had a scan & saw Dr. Fraser for a follow up visit.  As I had mentioned before Jordan has been having issues with her right leg shaking. This has came up and gotten worse since surgery last year. Jordan has what is called hypertrophic olivary degeneration that is causing the shaking in her leg. This should NOT get any worse and is something she will always have. He said there is medicine she could take but for now Jordan has decided to not take anything. Overall it was a good report & Jordan doesn't have to see him for ONE year! 

On another note for all of you that have found the blog by trying to find out information on Angiomas or another medical issue & have contacted us, Jordan says thanks for the emails!

Until the next update..PRAY FOR JORDAN!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Whirlwind of a week...

Well this week was a bit crazy with everything Jordan had going on! So let's start the update with Monday! Monday we meet with Voc Rehab to get the ball rolling in rehab for drivers training. Jordan is very excited about this because as most of you know she hasn't driven since April 2012! She wants that independence back! We did find out she qualifies for $10K in vehicle modifications if need be and for the rehab to be paid for by Voc Rehab! Finally she qualifies for something:-) 
Tuesday was surgery follow up visit with Dr. Bradley. The results were not what we were hoping for and she is hopeful that there will be more improvement with time. The eye is straighter but isn't moving like we were hoping for after 2 surgery's. We will see her back in one month for her to give Jordan the eye glass prescription. 
Now Thursday was move back to Morehead day!!! It was a crazy day but lots of excitement for Jordan! Her roommates are great and seem more than willing to help her out & that makes me feel much better about leaving her there!  Monday she will start classes & her major is Radiology Sciences! She is very excited about it and can't wait to get started! 
This week we also submitted to insurance to obtain approval for the 2 step procedure in Boston by Dr. Hadlock. We are praying this will be approved so we can move forward with this next step of the Journey! 
Until next week please continue to PRAY FOR JORDAN!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

8/9 Eye Surgery Update.....

Yesterday was Jordan's second eye surgery. What we thought was going to be a short smooth day turned out to be a LONG day:(   The actual surgery to weaken the muscle took only about 1 hour. Dr. Bradley said the surgery went well but for the first time Jordan woke up from the anesthesia shaking.  I must say with more surgery's in the future this does make me worry more!  The second step of this surgery was Dr. Bradly manually adjusting the muscle and tying the sutures.  This is where the 4 hour wait came in! Jordan had to be nice and awake for this so she could answer questions and move her eyes as directed by Dr. Bradley. Yes, she was wide awake for this with only numbing drops in the eye!  Let's just say as usual, Jordan was the perfect patient, with that constant smile on her face & of course, "no I am OK, there is no pain"! Taylor and I actually got to watch this and I must say it was pretty interesting!
The goal here was to 1. Straighten the eye again 2. help with the double vision.  After about 15-20 min of adjustments the sutures were tied. The muscle was moved to the maximum that is allowed. The eye does look straighter but it wasn't the great result that Dr. Bradley or we were hoping for.  Now we hope that the the muscles that were moved in the first surgery realize that this muscle from the second surgery has been weakened so they will pull the eye straighter. Now, don't get me wrong there is still a dramatic improvement to her eye so we are happy even with this result & we are still thankful. So for the next 2 weeks her eye will be bloodshot and she has to have ointment in her eye 3xday for the next 7 days. So overall, today went well & Jordan did great.
 We will see Dr. Bradley on Tuesday for follow up to make sure the eye is doing well & Jordan is hoping to get the glasses prescription that day also.  
I also want to apologize for not getting the blog updated yesterday! Thank you for your continued thoughts & prayers for Jordan and our family!  PRAY FOR JORDAN!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Boston & Dr. Hadlock appt

This trip to Boston had been amazing! We meet with Dr. Headlock this morning and we are a little overwhelmed by all of the information that was received in such a short time span!
There are two surgical options available to Jordan. The first one is a two step process. This first step involves moving a nerve from the "good" side if her face to the "bad" side and letting that nerve regenerate for 6-9 months.  The second step then moves a muscle from her thigh and possibly a tongue nerve. After the second step the goal would be for the face to be asymmetrical and she would have a beautiful smile again!
The second option is to do a one step procedure that moves the tongue nerve/thigh muscle but the final result is not as dramatic as the 2 step.  
The plan is to digest this information, wait for her plan to be mailed to us, and then to make a decision. 
Please continue to keep Jordan and our family in your thoughts & prayers! We are off to enjoy some of Boston before our flight home.