Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Post op day 1 & am update for post op day 2

Yesterday started very early for Jordan. The team came in early and checked the blood flow to her flap and they say it sounds “beautiful”!  She also got to loose the drain that was on the outside of her leg! One down 2 to go! Then we went down to ultrasound early and got great news that confirmed the flap has GREAT blood flow!!  The ultrasound tech also remembered her from her 1st surgery and the fact that she was a twin because she is also a twin!  It was nice to see that after 4 years she still remembered Jordan.  I wished I could tell you that the day stayed that positive but it was not to be.  Jordan has been fighting nausea and vomiting since early Monday evening.  We tried several times yesterday to advance her diet and to no avail the end result it all came right back up, every time :( They played around with her meds but even with the meds on board the n/v persisted.  Even with that going on my girl still got up and walked 3 times yesterday and early evening finally felt like getting dressed! As I suspected mobility is tricky.  The left leg is her good leg and she is very unsteady on her feet.  I am hopeful that once the last drain is pulled that mobility will improve.  She continues to amaze me with her resilience and strength.
Our new friend that welcomed us to the floor stopped in several times to check on Jordan and let me just say he is the sweetest 9yr old!  Every time he told her how he hoped  she would get to feeling better soon and is just so polite and like Jordan, wise beyond his years.  They tell me that he goes to every room to say hello and to give them all good wishes! Isn’t that the sweetest!
The team has already been in early this am and checked her flap and unwrapped/rewraapped her leg.  At this time she also got to loose the face drain...YEAH!  1 down 1 to go!  The facial swelling is worse today and that is to be expected.  Tomorrow that should peak and then the swelling should start to subside. The leg drain is still putting out a good amount so don’t expect to loose that until maybe tomorrow.  We did learn this am that she will have to keep wrapping that leg for 2 weeks to make sure the fluid doesn’t collect after their final drain is pulled.   Dr. Hadlock also just popped in and was just overjoyed with how well things went in the OR and she is very very hopeful that when we see her in April there will be movement!  
So today’s goal is to keep food down and walk!  Thank you again for all of the calls,texts, thoughts, and prayers.  It takes a village and at times like this I am VERY thankful for how big our village is! 

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  1. First chance I've had to catch up on everything with Jordan. Sending you gals good vibes, lots of prayers, and big hugs! Just keep doin' work gals, because you all rock and continue to amaze and inspire! Love you all!