Monday, November 26, 2012

6 months!

This past weekend we enjoyed our Thanksgiving with family & friends. This year was  extra special for our family & we enjoyed/cherished spending time with our loved ones this past weekend! Yesterday marked the 6 months mark since Jordan's surgery!  WOW  Where has the time gone?  Jordan has made amazing strides & continues to work hard everyday on her recovery! She is one amazing young lady & I am so thankful for her! So to all of our friends who keep up with the blog..we hope you take the time to enjoy your family this year, because life can change with the blink of an eye.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


WOW can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I updated :(  Sorry about that for those that follow!  So lets get started!!!

Since I last updated there have been 2 more fundraisers for Jordan!!  One was @ the Chevy Chase location of Puccini's and it was wonderful!! Valerie & Dee did a great job and the turnout was AMAZING!  I can't believe how many teachers, coworkers, friends, & family came out to show their support!  We are so very thankful to each & everyone of you and I enjoyed catching up with everyone!!  The 2nd fundraiser was at Canewood golf course. What I thought was going to be one cold & nasty day turned out to be good nice fall day & the Chili was amazing! The Chapman brothers & their wives did a AWESOME job getting this scramble together & it was great seeing some of the North side crew that I hadn't seen in awhile! The North side is very special to me & my girls :)  I want to thank everyone who golfed & for coming out to show your support to Jordan & our family!  All the fundraising money has gone towards vision therapy & occupational therapy!  Our family thanks EVERYONE who has helped Jordan on this journey!  There is one more fundraiser coming up!!  December 3rd, 2012 from 6-9 @ BD Mongolian Grill in Hamburg!  We need guest griller's so if you are interested please CONTACT ME!!!  :):) 

Jordan started doing some independent pool therapy @ Cardinal Hill this week!  She loves the water & is hoping to do a 3 x wk regimen along with her weekly OT & Vision therapy!  She has a daily home therapy regimen that she does religously & her goal is to get back on the MSU campus!! Now for the BIG news :)  Jordan did register for Spring classes!!!  :) ) The plan is come January she will be back on campus!!!  As a Mom I have mixed emotions about it but I know she can do ANYTHING she puts her mind too!!!  Jordan is ready to have some normalcy back in her life & I think being back on campus will be good for her! As she reminds me daily, I can't keep her under my wing for ever!

Again thanks to everyone for your thoughts/prayers/donations!  PRAY FOR JORDAN!!