Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What a great visit at DUKE!!!!

Well our trip to Duke was absolutely FABULOUS!  Both flights were great and I must say Jordan & I both think TSA pre-check and flying direct is the ONLY way to travel!  So if you do tons of flying and you haven’t gotten the TSA pre-check, well you are missing out!
As I am writing this update I feel like I am having a déjà vu moment! As most of you know, in 2012 when Jordan starting having issues we had started building a house and here we are again building another house.  I think this surgery thing kicks in when we start building to save me from driving my husband and everyone involved in the house CRAZY!

Now, on to the update that everyone has been waiting for!  We received “good news”!!!!  They actually said that phrase and Jordan’s immediate response was, “Oh we never hear that”!  Dr. Buckley was very intrigued by my girl, but hey who isn’t!!  After a very lengthy visit and Jordan going through all the eye exams (which she always feels like is a test she fails), we have a plan in place. Dr. Buckley will operate on her sometime in February, Jordan’s request since she is having surgery in November.   He will work on the inner muscles of both eyes and possibly work on the upper and lower muscles of the left eye. The goal with this is to get the left eye straight and to hopefully have more movement in that left eye.   We knew going into this visit that he would probably work on both eyes and up until now she has been very hesitant about it but after talking with Dr. Buckley she is more comfortable with this approach. The best thing about this surgery is it will be outpatient & then he will see her the next day to clear her for travel.  Unfortunately, she will be off work for 2weeks after to give her eyes time to heal.  She is very excited about this and we are both very hopeful for positive results!  

You know we couldn't take a short trip without having a little fun!  After the MD visit we went to the mall grabbed some lunch, shopping at the book store, and seeing a movie!  We had a great day and a good dry run of travel for our upcoming Boston trip! One thing is for sure we have mastered UBER! 

Also, on a side note for those reading that have a removable fresnel prism on your lens she learned a trick about these while we were there! Jordan knew that you could take it off and clean it but was always concerned about it not staying on the lens once it was removed and then replaced.  Well, the little trick we learned was if you get it slightly wet and then place it on the lens it will dry and not have air bubbles!  Jordan was like," how have I not know that the past 6years I have had this thing!"  

As always, thanks for all of your good thoughts and prayers!  PRAY FOR JORDAN!!!!

Jordan & I 

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