Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Typical crazy post op day...

Last night Jordan rested better than usual after a surgery. One of the anesthia MD's had a brilliant idea & placed a scopolamine patch on her during surgery and left it on to see if that would help with the usual nausea & vomiting she normally has post op. Guess what..it did one hell of a job because for the first time she had NO n/v these past 24 hrs!!  YEAH!!!!
This morning we went down early for an ultrasound to make sure the muscle flap was getting great blood flow and it was perfect!! They keep telling us how amazed it has all went so far and we are ecstatic!  We were hoping for a non eventful day but that was not to be. Jordan has spiked a low grade fever that keeps going up and down. All her labs look good except for magnesium & potassium. So tonight she has been getting IV mag, had to drink some nasty tasting potassium with Apple juice, plus getting her normal dose of IV antibiotic. So I am sitting her waiting for all the IV's to stop and the drains to be emptied before trying to get some sleep & reflecting on the other BIG positive thing. Jordan has been walking today with little assistance!!!!! I was worried about ambulation but I think it time she will be back to her normal! 
 As I am typing this she is asleep in the bed and Tay is asleep in the chair beside her with her head laid on a pillow beside her sister. It is the sweetest thing. Their bond is amazing and having Tay with her this trip has been wonderful for me & Jordan.
I am hoping tomorrow brings good lab results, NO fevers, & a little less pain for her. #prayforjordan

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