Thursday, July 10, 2014

Getting discharged today!!!

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day around here! Yesterday the facial swelling was worse, which is common but they did get to pull her face drain and she was able to take a shower!! The shower made her feel much better but that fever stayed persistent throughout the day until about 12:30 this morning when it broke!! That is also when her BP was freaking the nurses out! They are just not used to seeing a 86/41 pressure! I had to keep reminding them that this was totally normal for her and they would keep repeating it. Let's just say Jordan was very frustrated with them! 
I was ecstatic that the fever finally broke and to top it all of they had given her a pretty high dose of steroids around 11pm so she had Taylor up playing Fluxx at 1am this morning! She had Taylor & I laughing so hard last night with the funny things she kept saying! 
This morning they pulled the outside leg drain but the inside drain may need to stay in another day! They will make that final decision this afternoon. This morning the swelling is about the same and she has a nice shiner on that left eye! This is all normal! Jordan may also get the eyelid weight done today!! As most of you may know, Jordan's left eye hasn't closed since the craniotomy surgery(5/25/12). So this will make a huge difference for her & will also help protect that eye. This will depend on the facial swelling and Dr. Hadlock will make that decision this afternoon. Fingers & toes crossed for this!! Jordan & I can't wait to get more than 3 hrs of uninterrupted sleep!! Let's just sayTaylor has not missed a beat with her sleep! So I am off to pack up a hospital room so we can go to a hotel room!

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