Saturday, July 12, 2014

Busted out yesterday and headed home today!!

After getting the all clear from the eye MD yesterday am Jordan was cleared to finally be released!! The conclusion on the eye was that the epinephrine that was used with the lidocaine to numb the eye before the procedure was the cause of the pupil issue. Let me tell you what a relief that there wasn't a new eye issue to deal with. So we hung out in the hospital until early afternoon before heading to the hotel.  I can not begin to express how wonderful the nursing staff was at Mass Eye & Ear! Pearl, Ruth, Shannon, Caitlin all took great care of Jordan & Taylor & I. The night nursing staff always had the excitement because of her crazy low blood pressure! It would drive them crazy! They were all excited to see us go! LOL 
Our family from Rhode Island, Andrew & Yavonka, came up last night and we went out to dinner.  On our crazy drive thru Boston we passed by China Town and let me just say that was pretty amazing! As Yavonka said, it looked just like  a movie set! We enjoyed getting to see them again before we left town. Last night we all got some much needed uninterrupted sleep, which was much needed! Our flight leaves @ 1pm today and we are all anxious to get home!! I am ready to see the family & the dogs!! 
Now everyone has had lots of questions about the surgery so let me try to answer the most common oquestions  & clarify some other questions.Yes she has swelling in the face that will take about 4 weeks to totally subside. Her eyelid swelling should subside in about a week. She does have 6 incisions. One long incision on the face, one in the left crease of the nose, 2 small incisions on the outer right thigh,one long incision on the inner right thigh, & one on the eyelid. Mobility seems to be ok but she does move slower. The leg is pretty sore. The left eye does close now and should still close once the swelling subsides!  This is very exciting!!! Now for the biggest question when will she see result on the face. If this surgery is successful, & we are very POSITIVE that it will be, movement occurs in 8-12 months.  We know back to the waiting game, which to be honest sucks but the results will be worth waiting for! So for know we focus on healing, getting her mobility back to her normal, and going on with life. Jordan is ready to be done with surgeries! 
I will updated the blog later tomorrow after we get home and get settled in! Thanks for all the thoughts & prayers!! 

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