Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back home & some EXCITING news!!!

We got home Saturday evening and we were all very glad to be home! Jordan did well traveling, which was a big relief for Taylor & I. Let's just say we were all excited to see the family/dogs & sleep in our own beds Saturday night!!  Sunday I rested while Jordan, Cory & Taylor went to tell the rest of the family her big news!! On July 3rd Jordan got engaged to Cory, her boyfriend of 3 1/2 years! He did a excellent job surprising her & having a photographer there to capture the big moment!  He is a wonderful young man that I know will always stand by her side! It was a very special moment for us all & we look forward to planning a wedding in a couple of years!!

Now let's get to how she is feeling. She is actually doing really well! The swelling seems to be getting better everyday & the eye is looking better! The biggest complaint that she has is her leg :( it seems to have muscle spasms constantly & as she would say,"a real pain"!  As most of you know Jordan pushes right thru it & is such a trooper! She is looking forward to getting the face sutures out on Friday and for the steri strips to fall off of her leg!
Tomorrow she has her annual follow up brain MRI & will see Dr. Fraser next week. To be honest I am always nervous before the MRI until we get the results & this time it will be a little harder because we will have to wait a week for results! Oh well, I know that God has this!
On another note I would like to ask all the prayer warriors out there to pray for my friend's daughter Hannah. Hannah was traveling to China when the plane had to be diverted to Canada due to an issue with her shunt. She had surgery today to replace the shunt and needs prayers for a speedy recovery so they can bring her home! 

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