Monday, July 7, 2014

Surgery day!!!

We arrived promptly at 6am for check in this morning, and I was very thankful for a cab driver that didn't need directions!! Jordan went back about 7:30 and I spoke with Dr. Hadlock around 12:30.  She is VERY pleased with how everything went! She fixed the deviated septum on the left side, which opened up her nasal airway. So she has an incision in the crease of the nose and 2 small incisions on the outside of the right leg, where fascia was taken to open the airway up. Jordan said she hadn't realized what she had been missing & it was nice to have more air!
 The muscle transfer to the face went great and Dr. Hadlock  is very pleased with how "perfect" it went! This created an incision on the left side of the face which is about 7-8" long and an incision on the inside of the right leg. Not sure how long the leg incisions are, because it is all banadaged up! She also has drains in the leg and face that will stay until at least Wednesday.
Of courses he had a million questions for the nurse post op and we were also able to see the nurse Linda that took care of her after the surgery in Dec. They are all amazed and what a great patient she is! Overall she is doing great & looks amazing!! The initial post surgical ultrasound of the face sounded great & the next 24 hrs we are praying for no hematomas or clots in the vein!! 
Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts & prayers!!

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  1. Good to hear, especially that she's breathing easier now! Thinking of you guys -