Thursday, July 10, 2014

So much for discharge...:(

Today, we'll I guess yesterday since I am writing this at 1:30am, was a pretty non eventful day until the afternoon. Around 2pm we went downstairs to Dr. Hadlock's office so she could place the eyelid weight and pull her bottom eyelid up before being discharged. This was a minor 30-40 min procedure.
When Dr.Hadlock came to talk to us she said she wanted to keep her an additional night for a couple of reasons. 1. The last drain, that was on inside of her leg, had yet to be pulled due to amount it kept putting out.  2. The eye procedure didn't go as smooth as she liked. We were all a little bumped about this plan but we rolled with it. 
So the new plan consisted of going ahead and pulling the drain to make sure that no fluid collection was going to build up before we headed home and to carefully watch the eye. We got back to the room about 3 and let's just say Jordan had all kinds of attention! They were checking on her about every 40 min or so and by about 5ish we had our first bump in the road! They were very concerned with the outside corner of the eye and was worried about bleeding. Jordan was also saying that the outside corner had some discomfort. The fact that she was saying the word "discomfort" was a huge RED flag!  This prompted a urgent ophthalmology consultation! While they were waiting for the eye MD to come they cut the outside sutures and she had almost instant relief. The eye MD came and it was decided that she would go downstairs to the eye ER for a complete work up. So off we went, wheeled down by Dr. Caroline Banks, Dr. Hadlock's fellow, who stayed with us the whole time during the ER visit! I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to us!! The work up was concerning for a pupillary issue. We aren't sure exactly what but something about the pupils don't react together and are not the same size.  At this point it was like too much at once and glad it wasn't bleeding behind the eye!  We got back to the room and Jordan's eye is  being checked hourly and we will trek downstairs to see the eye MD at 9am. 
Later today we hope to be discharged to the hotel & hope to be on a plane for home come Saturday!!
Unfortunately, we are used to the bumps in the road but we are flexible and Jordan just rolls with it. Her strength & resilience NEVER ceases to amaze me! 

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  1. You guys deserve a break, especially Jordan. I hope they were able to keep the eye weight in? Any idea what caused the complication? I hope by now the issues have been resolved and you'll all be flying home tomorrow. Think of you guys.