Friday, June 8, 2012

Update on Jordan 6/8/12

Well after an exciting non emergent ride in an ambulance,(Jordan insisted NO sirens) a long day in the ER consisting of a CT scan of her head, chest xray, multiple labs, MRI of head & lumbar puncture Jordan was admitted. Last night was THE roughest night she has had since being in ICU right after surgery.  Her VS were all out of whack, horrible headache, and  her fever spiked at about 103.4 :(  Jordan is no complainer so when she says doesn't feel good, it is bad! 
Today she is much better after having some IV antibiotics, fluids, & steroids.Her poor little veins have been all beat up so today she received a picc line in her left arm so NO more sticks :)  She was happy about this!  The prelim diagnosis is Aseptic Meningitis.  Dr. Fraser said he would consult with the Infectious Disease doctor to make sure & that she would be in the hospital until after all the cultures results have been reported.  So, looks like we are back to having a  LOT of TV channels!  The only thing about being @ UK Jordan likes!  LOL We hope to be back @ Cardinal Hill on Monday to start back with PT/OT/SLP!!!!
Jordan's positive attitude and finding the good in everything still amazes me! Thank you for all the thoughts/prayers.  We appreciate all of you!! If you have called/texted/emailed/FB/posted a reply on here, I more than likely have not responded but I have seen/read them all & I thank you & sorry I haven't gotten back to you. Please continue to  PRAY FOR JORDAN! 

PS:  Crystal(pearlsized angioma)  she loved the card & thought that was the kindest gesture :)  TY
       Morehead State University,  thanks to the Honor's house and the MSU University bookstore
        & Marketing Department for everything!  MSU has shown wonderful support for Jordan & she  
       loves her MSU family!!!!


  1. Thinking of all of you and hoping you can get back to only working on recovery. I hope you're feeling better real soon.

  2. Recently returned from vacation, and Kristyn shared this journey. I am in prayer for Jordan for a full recovery. I will also put her on our prayer list at Church. God Bless all of you, and may He wrap His arms around all of you for comfort and healing.
    Cheryl Kelley (Kristyn Hickey's Mom)