Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cardinal Hill Day 7

Well our day started @ 7 am, so she is MORE than ready for bed tonight!!!   She has been averaging 1.5 hours of just physical therapy alone plus having occupational & speech therapy!!!  One neat thing that she got to do today was get into the pool today for PT. Jordan said this should not be how my first swim of the summer should be!  I told her to hang in there, work hard, and we would be @ the lake before she knew it!! She is walking everywhere with her walker, & I am a very PROUD mom of all of her hard work!!!

We must thank some longtime friends, the Francis’s for dinner tonight!  Jordan loved it & we enjoyed visiting with you guys!  Jordan also had some visits from some SOKY family tonight!!!  Casie & Levi came to visit & Levi gave Jordan his GOLD medal from the games this past weekend for good luck!!  We also ran into Sherri today while we were outside for a walk!  We loved seeing all of these athletes today, because they have been such a big part of the girl’s life!  

Thanks for all the continued prayers!!  PRAY  FOR JORDAN :)

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