Saturday, June 23, 2012

Update from the HILL :)~just for you Uncle Jack :)

Sorry I have missed some updates :(  I can't update from the Hill for some reason so I have to send the updates to Tay and then she has to log in & update the blog :(  I have forgotten to send her updates so she hasn't been able to do her part:( 
Jordan has had a wonderful 48 hours!!  No fevers & she is off of neutropenic precautions :)  WHOO HOOO  She is still struggling with headaches/dry heaves @ night but hopefully that will resolve soon!  Therapy is going great & she can walk with a walker on her own as long as someone is there with her if needed!  Seeing my baby girl do this is a MIRACLE!  The right side continues to be "asleep" so that still is a daily struggle, along with the left double vision, & left side of her face being droopy.  Overall we are thankful for her :)  Jordan doesn't see how well she is doing & that may take lots of time but I encourage her everyday & tell her how many obstacles she has overcome just since surgery!  Which I can't believe was 4 wks ago already!  We have FAITH in God!!



  1. Just what I needed from Jordan and Momma aided by Tay, a bedtime story with some good news in it. Now that I've read it 3 times I'll go to sleep thinking how much good news I hope and pray the new week brings to all. Jordan, you continue to work hard keep Momma and Taylor straight. Love Uncle Jack and Mary Ann

  2. Came across your blog this week doing my research on Cavernous Angiomas. My oldest son (13) has been diagnosed with this in his right temporal lobe. Trying to understand it and cope with his changed life. Praying for your daughter here. I'm feeling very helpless myself as they tell us there is nothing we can do.. this is an inspiration. Thank you, Tiffany in Colorado

  3. Good Morning Girls, Jordan I hope you had a good night. Thought for the Day: "In the ever-evolving moment of now, I do my best." Janak M. Merchant and added by UJ "When I do my best now, I get better everyday." Looking forward to positive updates this week. Love, Uncle Jack

  4. Go Jordan! So glad to hear that they've figured out the fever stuff, and that therapy's going well. Sending all possible positive energies!

  5. Glad to hear the update. Jordan, I think of you and pray for you throughout the day. Hang in there. Scripture that comes to mind this evening is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

    Cheryl Kelley