Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cardinal Hill Day 4 & 5

The past 2 days have flown by!!!  Saturday we were busy with a full day of therapy & after we had a good nap, Jordan had lots of visitors :) One special visitor was Hershey!!!  I don’t know who was more excited: Me, Jordan, or Hershey!!  Jordan continues to show improvement every day & said she will be ready to skip out of here before we know it!!

Sunday’s are her day off!! Today her & a certain special nurse we know here ganged up on me & kicked me out for a few hours!  So Taylor & Cory came to hang out for the day!  I must say taking a nap in my own bed this afternoon was pretty nice, & she enjoyed having time with just her sister/boyfriend & all of her visitors today!!  She loved seeing everyone that came to see her today!

Today Jordan also received a very special prayer quilt from Bowman Memorial United Methodist Church in Hazard, KY.  We have lots of family members in Hazard that are members of this church!  So, Hazard family, WE LOVE YOU GUYS & our very thankful for you!!! Jordan loved the quilt & wanted to say that she appreciates all the thoughts & prayers from everyone!! We also can’t believe that there have been over 6,000 hits on this blog!!!  WOW!!!  So, please continue to PRAY FOR JORDAN!!! 

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  1. <3 glad to hear all is well. Me, Kellie and Amy were just checking up on you.