Monday, June 4, 2012

Cardinal Hill Day 6

Today Jordan had a full day of therapy & it has worn her out!!!  The best news of the day is she & I can now walk in the room/hallway with her using a walker!!  I think this is a HUGE step for her :) The vision is still a big issue but one that is being helped with her cool pink glasses being tapped on that left lens !!!  The feeling on her right side is still a huge issue also.  She gets very aggravated because she can’t feel that side during therapy :( She understands that this will come back in time but that still doesn’t help at that moment!!  

I was reading her all the replies to the blog today, and she was SHOCKED at all the people who are following her progress!!!  She also loved hearing all the words of support from all of the other people that have had their lives affected by cavernous angiomas!!!  This makes her want to work even harder!!!  PRAY FOR JORDAN!!!


  1. Hey Katie,
    Ive been checking the blog everyday to see Jordan's progress. I've been praying hard for her and you and Taylor too. im so proud to see how far she has come already! Way to go Jordan!!!!!
    With love

  2. Jordan is such an amazing inspiration. Unless you knew her personally, you'd never know that she was struggling with any sort of problem from the big smile on her face. She's been such a blessing to have in my life, and I loved seeing her the other night. I will come again soon, I am glad her flowers got delivered to the right room. I love you Jordan and all of you all :)