Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1st Day Back After the 2nd ER Visit

Well we arrived back to Cardinal Hill Monday afternoon about 4pm.  I was hoping Monday night would have gone much smoother than Sunday night but it was not to be :(  Monday night also brought a night of fevers/headaches/nausea.  Needless to say Jordan did not get to do therapy today also :( Today has also been a day of fevers/headaches/nausea :(   The infectious disease MD, Dr. Kennedy, saw Jordan today and after evaluation of her he has changed her IV antibiotic regimen, going to start her on Reglan for nausea, & also ordered a gallbladder ultrasound.  Let’s pray his plan works and that the US is negative!  The past 48hrs have been pretty rough and Jordan is very upset that this bump has interfered with her therapy!  There have been lots of tears here lately & we need to replace those with SMILES!!! 

Thanks for all the continued prayers/thoughts!  PRAY FOR JORDAN :)


  1. Ughhh...I'm so sorry.I'm always hoping that it gets better for you all. This is tough. I hope more smiles are ahead and less tears. Did they try Zofran for vommiting? I was really sick too. The Zofran worked after awhile. Praying for you.

  2. My love and prayers are with all of you. So sorry you have to experience this. Prayfully, the road will begin to get smoother. Hugs and prayers.

    Cheryl Kelley