Friday, May 25, 2012

Today is surgery day.....

Well, after a major haircut, that is ADORABLE :), an MRI to have markers placed on the back of her head for surgery, visits with family & friends, she is ready for today.  As a parent words can't describe what emotions I am feeling @ this moment. I can't imagine what Jordan is feeling but trust me that SMILE is always present :) Her strength continues to amaze me!  Surgery is expected to last 4-12 hours.  I will post an update after surgery is over and she is settled into the ICU.  I thank everyone that has put her on Prayer list, for the phone calls/emails/texts/post here.  Jordan is one lucky girl to have so many people praying for her & God will take care of her!!  Please continue to PRAY FOR JORDAN!

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  1. You all have my prayers, and if I can do anything, I will be there. As a mom, I completely understand that you are most likely a mess. As Jordan's teacher, I know that girl's resilience, and I have full faith that she will be herself in no time! :)
    Michele Luck