Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cardinal Hill Day 2

Compared to my Brother Lee’s death in 92, today was the second worst emotional day of my life.  While overall Jordan did well on her first day of evaluations with physical, occupational, and speech therapy, she had many emotional moments.  It was so hard to hold my baby girl’s hand while she cried over things she wasn’t able to do today but could a week agoL  I feel so helpless, because I can’t fix things for her!!!  As a Mom that is all I want to do and so during this process I MIGHT finally learn some patience!!  I explained to her that she is not even a week out of MAJOR surgery, but as all of you out there with teenagers know, they want things to happen yesterday! I did learn today that she will be evaluated for the first 72hrs, and then her case will be discussed in conference on Monday, with all disciplines involved in her care. After that we will know the exact amount of time she will be hanging out @ CH.

Jordan misses not being able to do the things that she should be doing during her summer break: Hang out with family/friends, hang out @ the lake, work her job @ Stein Mart, read books, & help with Special Olympics summer games!!! I explained that there were a lot more healthier summers in her future!! So when you see her she will have that beautiful smile she is known for, with a positive attitude, and a No, I am OK!!

We thank everyone for the continued prayers/thoughts.  PRAY FOR JORDAN


  1. Me and mom will missed you at summer games. We will thinking of you and praying

  2. Tell Jordan hello and that I'm thinking of her!
    Theresa from Steinmart

  3. I just found your blog. While I was not a "stemmie", I had a deep angioma and a stroke because of the surgery. It was a LONG road to recovery, but I am much, much better. Stay positive,....Jordan will get better. It's hard work, but you all can do it. Cheering you all on and praying for you.

  4. If she is anything like her strong momma, she will do well with all her rehab. Keep your chin up Katie girl. Soon this will all be in the past.