Thursday, May 17, 2012

One of the hardest things....

As a parent you never think you are going to have a talk to your child about life or death issues pertaining to them.  Today Jordan & I had to have that talk. When you are 19yrs old you shouldn't have to be filling out a living will much less trying to decide which choice to choose!  As a parent you should never have to have that talk with your child :(  We also filed her Power of Attorney today.  Should we be doing these things?  As a parent I want to say NO!!!!!  As a health care worker, I know it is good to have these things done:(  I am very hopeful that I will not have to use either one!!!!  PRAY FOR JORDAN :)


  1. No matter what you are going through remember God is there fighting the battle with you, every step of the way and so are we! I love you<3
    Someone once said that having a child is like allowing your heart to walk around outside your body. Stay strong and when you can't be strong anymore just lean on us!!!

  2. PRayers and healing thoughts your way. What a terrible thing to worry about! Poor Mama! Hugs, Your old friend Heather