Thursday, February 14, 2019

Get your tissues out......AMAZING NEWS!!

  Day of Surgery 11/5/18                  Yesterday 2/13/19


The above picture says it all!!!!!  Jordan has movement and some feeling!   There are so many tears of joys!!  My girl has waited over 6 years for that big beautiful smile to be somewhat symmetrical & the wait has been worth it. Look how beautiful her and that smile are!!   The movement and feeling began a couple of weeks ago and has advanced along to what you see above!  She is BEYOND excited and thrilled that there has been such positive results with this last surgery!  She is also anxious to get to Boston for her follow up in April to have the therapy appointment to teach her how to do the smile above with more ease instead of having to concentrate on smiling.  For now she is enjoying that smile and all of us are enjoying seeing it! We are gearing up for the eye surgery which has been moved to 3/4/19.  She is a little apprehensive about it but very hopeful that the surgery will be successful!

On other some of you may have heard Jordan & Cory are getting MARRIED this year!!!  They were submitted and were the lucky winners of a wedding by The Great Wedding Giveaway!  They both are SO excited and thankful to have been given such a generous gift. The wedding planning is in full swing and we are very thankful to have Lindsay (White Oak Design, CO.) as our wonderful wedding planner! We are excited about all of the amazing vendors that are on board and can't wait to tell you all about them!

So an exciting year ahead and as always thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers!

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