Monday, March 4, 2019

Duke Eye Surgery....3/4/19

Oh what a road trip!!  We arrived in Durham yesterday and are so thankful to have Taylor & Cory along with us this trip!  Last night we got settled in, got some dinner and had some YUMMY Thai ice cream that was made right there in front of us!  I suggest if you are ever here to stop by the Snow Factory and check them out!
Today was surgery today and things went a little differently than planned. The plan was to work on her right eye (the good eye) and possibly work on the left eye. When Dr. Buckley came out to talk to us he said that once he started the surgery and looked at both eyes good, he decided to just work on the left eye.  He said that he made this decision because he needed to see what exactly he could get out of the left eye before working on the right eye.  I know that he did work on the muscle but not sure exactly what muscles he worked on.  Yes, this Mom had a weak moment and didn’t ask for clarification because I was not expecting to hear that news. While I was shocked by the news,  I so respect this decision and we are anxious to talk with him more tomorrow about this at her follow up appointment. 
We are so thankful that so far Jordan has NO nausea and vomiting this time around!  We are praying that this continues! At this time Jordan is resting well and her pains seems to be under control. Our main thing over the next 24hrs is to keep the eye good and moist!  This is important to help the eye heal since her left eye does not close all the way! We are hopeful to have a very quiet and uneventful night! 
Thanks for all of your thoughts & prayers!  Please continue to PRAY FOR JORDAN! 

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