Monday, September 16, 2013

Lots of updates....

Well Jordan had her drivers evaluation a couple of weeks ago and it went great!!!  They used this neat thing that places the gas pedal on the left side of the brake! She did great with it! Looks like  she will only need to that one vehicle modification for her to be able to drive! So now we will wait to hear from Voc Rehab to make sure the training/modification will be approved!
Today we are seeing Dr. Bradley! Unfortunately, Jordan's eyes still aren't giving her the results that we were hoping for. Looks like Jordan would need 3 pair of glasses, one for near,one for distance, and one for driving. In KY you can NOT drive with prisms in your glasses:( This is NOT the best scenario!!  Botox was discussed but before we do that we will see another MD to get her opinion. I think we need a secretary to keep up with all the MD's we see!! Any volunteers?!?
So today she will get a script for glasses(near) with a detachable prism.  This is very disappointing for Jordan and for me as a Mom I just want to sit down and cry! Seems like for every step Jordan takes she gets pushed back 20! My girl needs a break! 
On another note we have asked for approval for the 2 step surgery by Dr. Hadlock! Keep all your fingers and toes crossed that this will happen!

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  1. Hey girl! Good to see you doing so well when we where at the reunion. I know it is frustrating taking 1 step forward and then slipping back 2. Considering your initial options and how far you have come, you are an amazing person. Hang in there and keep your Mom straight. Love, Uncle Jack and Mary Ann.