Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st week of school & MD update...

Jordan has the 1st of school under her belt and she is already very busy studying! The rad sciences program is very demanding & she is up for the challenge! 
Yesterday Jordan also had a scan & saw Dr. Fraser for a follow up visit.  As I had mentioned before Jordan has been having issues with her right leg shaking. This has came up and gotten worse since surgery last year. Jordan has what is called hypertrophic olivary degeneration that is causing the shaking in her leg. This should NOT get any worse and is something she will always have. He said there is medicine she could take but for now Jordan has decided to not take anything. Overall it was a good report & Jordan doesn't have to see him for ONE year! 

On another note for all of you that have found the blog by trying to find out information on Angiomas or another medical issue & have contacted us, Jordan says thanks for the emails!

Until the next update..PRAY FOR JORDAN!

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