Sunday, July 28, 2013

Therapy is going great...

Jordan just finished her second week of therapy & she is loving the challenges that come with it!  She is seeing what she needs to focus on to make her body stronger & is faithfully doing her exercises! We also visited the director of the radiology program at MSU last week and he reassured her that she will be able to do the program & also commented on her wonderful grades:-) Yes, it was a very proud Mom moment! The  visit was also very reassuring to us both & for Jordan it was nice to hear someone else say, YES YOU CAN DO IT! So now she is super excited about starting school in 3 weeks! 
We also visited the Honors house, picked up books, & of course ate at Pasquale's! I must say I ❤ Morehead & MSU!
This week we travel to Boston!!! We are so excited and Friday can not get here soon enough!! Looking forward to the next path on this journey!
Thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, & support! PRAY FOR JORDAN!

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