Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Eye & other updates....

Today Jordan saw Dr. Bradley for a follow up on the eye. Overall the vision is better and it is where it needs to be for the Radiology program:-) yeah!!  Dr. Bradley wants the vision better and Jordan told her that little goals were big to her!  Unfortunately the eye has pulled back in(towards her nose) since surgery which is causing her to have some stigmatism. The eye position still looks better than before surgery but not where it could be. So after some discussion it was decided that Jordan will go ahead with another eye surgery to move the muscle that is pulling the eye in. Dr. Bradley is confident that this should get us back to the result we saw immediately after the first eye surgery.  We are hoping that the surgery will be before Jordan heads back to MSU in mid August! 
On another note Jordan started some outpatient physical & occupational therapy today! This is to help her with strength, balance, & fine motor skills! They also have a driver rehab program that I am going to inquire about for her. Her goal was to drive back to school in the fall but looks like that might be moved to Spring:( We still need to sell her Daisy and get her a automatic to drive!  
So we have a busy month ahead of us with weekly therapy, another surgery, & we can't forget the trip to Boston! 
Thank you for your continued support & prayers! PRAY FOR JORDAN!

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