Monday, June 10, 2013


Lets start with a update from Dr. Patel (face).  Dr. Patel called me last week regarding Jordan & a possible new plan for her.  After much thought & discussion with colleague's he would like to send Jordan to Boston to see Dr. Tessa Hadlock,, a specialist there that only deals with facial paralysis.  He explained that he does not perform the surgery that she has to offer & his thoughts are that it will give her a better long term result that what he has to offer. I have read about Dr. Hadlock & searched the above link and her results are amazing!  Words can't express how impressed I am by Dr. Patel & his compassion with Jordan.  The catch here is we have to get insurance approval.   So, prayer warriors, I need you to pray that this will be approved so we can go see what this lady has to offer!
This past Friday (6/7) Jordan saw Dr. Timoney, he is the MD that will do the surgery to help her left eye close. We let him know about Jordan's upcoming surgery on 6/14 and after getting that knowledge the plan really changed!   Dr. Timoney said that he wants to wait a couple of months before he does anything to the eye lid so that Jordan can completely heal from the eye surgery.  He explained to us that this time was needed so that the surgery that he performs will not affect the surgery that Dr. Bradley does.  He also explained what he may do for his surgery but that he can't be 100% which option he would choose until we know the results of the upcoming surgery. He also is still concerned she may have a thyroid issue even though her labs are normal.  He is going to discuss this with some colleague's and get back to us.  So, as Jordan would say, "I don't do anything easy"!
 This is not the news Jordan or we were hoping for, since she wanted to get most of this out of the way this summer before school starts back in the fall. The reality is this journey will be lifelong for Jordan & our family.So as we wait to see if Boston gets approved we are gearing up for surgery this Friday(6/14). Jordan is grateful it is an outpatient procedure but is not looking forward to the fact she can not swim for at least 2 weeks:(
As always thank you for the continued prayers & support.........PRAY FOR JORDAN


  1. We're still rooting for you Jordan with our thoughts and prayers. 2 weeks and no swimming. What's a girl to do? Love, Uncle Jack and Mary Ann

  2. I'm sorry to hear you are needing more surgery, but glad the options are available. I hope the results are perfect. I would have wanted the facial reanimation if mine had not returned. Being able to smile and express emotions with your face is such a gift. Not sure why anyone would botox....I'd rather have wrinkles and expression! Best wishes.