Friday, June 28, 2013


Today marks 2 weeks since surgery & after a rough start it looks great! Jordan had a f/u appt with Dr. Bradley 6/25 and she seemed to be very pleased with the eye.  Jordan has a little more "blurry" vision that what she was hoping for but she seems to think that it will correct itself in the weeks to come. The redness also looks much better :)   So for now we are just putting no tears in as needed & will see Dr. Bradley back the 2nd week of July.  
One big step did happen this past week!  Jordan drove a little for the first time since last year!  She was very excited about driving but was/is still very nervous about it! So hopefully we can get her "Daisy" sold and get her an automatic car to start getting used to driving again.
Now while  I was on the phone typing this I received word that Jordan WAS approved to go for evaluation with Dr. Tessa Hadlock @ the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Clinic! This news is so exciting for Jordan & I can NOT stop crying tears of joy @ the moment! Looks like we have a trip to Boston to plan!!! Anyone have some frequent flyer miles they want to give us?  LOL  
Thanks to all of you out there that keep Jordan & our family in your thoughts/prayers on a daily basis!  God is listening & God does provide!!! .....PRAY FOR JORDAN :)


  1. Hello-
    I came upon your blog searching for anyone that had reanimation surgery with Dr.Hadlock. Your information was VERY helpful. Thank you for posting it! I had another type of brain tumor and a few surgeries so, I can well relate to the trials and tribulations of daily life (especially with regards to the eye drama. I wanted to leave a quick tip that helped me IMMENSELY. I had severe dry eye where I would miss work a lot and had to take a lesser position to deal with my ebb and flow eye issues. I recently discovered that the tape you use to close is very very important. My tape would get slippery and not hold in the drops effectively. I was visiting my eye surgeon and got a roll of tape there (it was not given to me...I have no idea how I got it...seriously). Anyway, I noticed that it had a much better bond and only had enough for a few uses because I was out of town and left it at the hotel. The product is: Transpore by 3M which you can get at surgical supply stores. Make sure to call and ask for it specifically. I live in Los Angeles and even when calling ahead got people trying to sell me generic when I would get to the store. There is a huge difference.It really has greatly changed my life because I wake up and my eye is much healthier. I sometimes can go the entire day and evening and not even need drops (where I would need them every few hours).

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