Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hello out there....:)

Whew can't believe my last post was in FEB!!  WOW  Crazy how fast the time is going this year!  Jordan seems to overall be doing well but the weight of this journey is starting to get to her mentally.  At this point she was hoping to have better fine motor skills, hoping to be driving, hoping her eye would be better, and was hoping the face droopiness would have gotten better.  Unfortunately, none of these things have happened.  For a 20 yr old young woman all of these things are hard to deal with! Here lately she has been very angry about everything and upset with God. I pray that God will show himself to her, show her he has been by her side the WHOLE TIME, and her faith is renewed again.
She just told me the other day that she just wants to feel "normal" again.  I tried to explain to her that NONE of us are even normal to begin with but she wants to look into the mirror and see the person she was before surgery. If I could only find that damn magic wand!!! Not only do her deficits affect her it has also affected what she wanted to do in her career path.  Like that decision isn't already hard enough for a young adult now she has these deficits that have to play a role in what she decides to do.  No wonder she feels like throwing in the towel some days! GOD HAS A PLAN for her, I just need him to SHOW it too her!!
I am sure the next couple of months I will be updating even more since we have lots of MD appointments in the future and Jordan will be finishing up the Spring semester(she is hoping to keep that 4.0). We thank you for all the continued prayers & support for Jordan & our family.            PRAY FOR JORDAN!!!!

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  1. I pray that her spirits are lifted and her faith is restored. It's so hard to understand why bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Hopefully God will allow the recovery process to speed up a bit. I am sure this is such a difficult thing to deal with as a Mother also. We got all of you in our prayers!

    Sam Q.