Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Reflections

What a great year 2015 was for Jordan!!  Of course she has rocked it out in school by graduating in May with her AD in radiology sciences,went on to take the boards and passed with a PERFECT score!!!  She went straight into the CT/MRI program and just passed her CT boards and will start MRI in January.  We are all so proud of her for achieving her goals!  Jordan pours herself into her studies and the results are nothing short of AMAZING!!! 
Everyone is always asking about a wedding date!  A wedding date has still not been set.  Jordan wants to wait until she is completely done with school before starting to focus on planning a wedding!  I know when the wedding planning starts it will be very crazy and I suspect Taylor will act as the wedding planner! 
Health wise 2015 has been a GREAT year for Jordan!!!!  This year has been surgery FREE (except for wisdom teeth coming out)!!!!!!   The year we have just had regularly scheduled check ups and only one scare which turned out to be nothing.  On one hand it was very very odd not to have a surgery, since a surgery a year had become the norm since 2012!  As a Mom I am very thankful and I continue to pray that 2016 will be just as good to her! 
Of course Christmas was also Jordan & Taylor's 23rd  Birthday!! As all of you can expect Christmas at our house is very crazy!  We had a good Birthday celebration in the morning and then we celebrated Christmas that afternoon!  Having Christmas babies makes for a very fun day!!

We hope that you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and wish you nothing but the best in 2016! #prayforjordan

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