Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

First let me say I am sorry I am behind on doing an update!   Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year! The girls and I were unlucky enough to have the flu over Christmas:(  So Christmas & birthday's was spent on the couch!
Believe it or not there isn't a lot to update on!  Jordan is doing great:) She hasn't had any MD appts, expect for a regular eye appt in some time!  Must say it is kind of nice to not have to go to a MD every week!   We are entering the period where we could start seeing some facial movement!  This is very exciting yet very scary all at the same time!  I am hopeful that she will have movement and all she has been through the past year or so has all been worth it!
 As I have come to expect she got another 4.0 last semester and is back on campus this semester.  As part of her Honor's scholarship @ MSU she has to do a international study.  Due to her medical condition they have agreed to let her do a Cruise!  So this spring break her & Cory will be traveling to fulfill that requirement and to enjoy the sun/sand!  I must say I am kind of jealous!  LOL
Please continue to keep her in your thoughts & prayers!!  PRAY FOR JORDAN!!

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