Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MD Update.....

Well today we meet with Dr. Patel & went over the surgical plan to help Jordan get her a new SMILE!I am going to try to explain this as best I can. This procedure is called a facial sling.  No she will not have to wear a face sling afterwards!  :)  This will basically use a piece of her muscle from above her ear and use some tissue from her left thigh to connect the muscle, this will be connected somewhere close to her lip and then afterwards the goals is for her to have a new smile :)  When he was explaining this Jordan was very intrigued  & finds this part of it very fascinating. While we were hoping that he and Dr. Bradley could coordinate this surgery after speaking with him looks like that will not be. So the first surgery will be with Dr. Bradley(eye) in June and then the second surgery will be in July with Dr. Pate(face/smile)l & hopefully Dr. Timmoney, who will fix the eye lid so her left eye can finally close.We see Dr. Timmoney on 6/7/13.  So overall we are looking at 3 in 2(hopefully) surgery's this summer.  As soon as I have all the dates I will pass them along to everyone via the blog.

We have been blessed with wonderful physicians/nurses/staff/caring loved ones/friends during this journey. Again I ask you to keep Jordan & all of us in your thoughts/prayers during the weeks ahead!  

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