Thursday, August 23, 2012

ENT visit today & f/u with vision therapist

Today Jordan saw ENT, DR. PATEL for the first time regarding the palsy on the left side of her face.  I must say we liked him from the minute he walked in the door!  How many MD's have you seen that introduce themselves and then apologize for what you have been dealt at such a young age?  I was VERY impressed with his compassion & bedside manner!  He discussed in length with us that he wanted to wait at least a year from the date of surgery before any surgery was discussed for the facial nerve.  I showed him pictures prior to surgery & a week after surgery to show him the great improvement that has already occurred! He said that we could do some nerve test but that the outcome of the test would not change the way he treated her & Jordan decided she did not want any more test done @ this time.  He was perfectly fine with that!  His main concern today was that her left eye still doesn't close.  So, we will be adding a 5th MD to the team to see about having a minor procedure done to get the eye to close.  He said that if Jordan did not have this done that there would be long term damage that could not be corrected & he did not want to see that happen.

After that visit we headed to Versailles to see Mary Ellen, the vision therapist.  We discussed in great detail the results from the evaluation the week before & she explained in length how vision therapy would HELP her left eye!  So, Jordan will start vision therapy next Wednesday.  This will last about 30 weeks @ a total cost of $4100!  I am in the process of appealing the insurance denial for this much needed service & hoping that SSI will also be approved.  If neither of these things go in our favor, I have faith that God will provide a way to provide Jordan the care that she needs. 

It is hard to believe that this Saturday will be 3 months since Jordan's surgery.  While there have been setbacks, there has also been progress. Jordan continues to have a long road ahead of her but that positive attitude of hers, family support, & prayers will carry her down the road ahead! 
                                                       PRAY FOR JORDAN!!!


  1. Hello Jordan, It sounds like the latest round of Dr. visits had more up news than down. When you're young it's hard to have patience with what life deals you but hang in there. You keep trying and we'll keep rooting and praying for you. Keep your Mom and Taylor on their toes. Love, Uncle Jack and Mary Ann

  2. Glad to hear about more good news with finding another likable member of your team. It's hard to find good doctors so yay! For me, for vision therapy...they were able to set me up with the exercises, I did them at home everyday 6-8+ times a day for months. I only needed to see the doctor 3-4 times. It saved alot of $ by me doing the exercises on my own. If I had a question or problem I stopped by the office they helped me and I was back on my own. In about 8 months I was done. The exercises were boring and nauseating but invaluable. Good luck!