Thursday, July 5, 2012

Getting used to a "normal" routine

Let me tell you we are enjoying our time @ home & cherishing every minute of it!!  Monday we had a girls day and we had a blast!!  We went & saw Brave, went to the pet store (Jordan's favorite place), got our hair cut & jammed some Dixie Chicks riding down the road! Tues & Wen were pretty much spent being lazy after doing some exercises.  Jordan is still fighting the dry heaves/nausea stuff which is REALLY getting on her nerves & has affected her greatly the past couple of days. Today Jordan had a visit with Dr. Kennedy the infectious disease Doctor & it was wonderful!!  The PICC line has been REMOVED!!!  WHOO HOOO  No more waking her up early in the am or having to arrange our schedule around an IV time.  This also means that she can go SWIMMING! 
We are still waiting to get started on outpatient therapy due to some loopholes in communication.  For those of you who know me well, you know this is NOT sitting well with me!  So, we are working @ home on exercises & she is walking tons!  Today we actually went mall walking after the MD appt :)  She can't wait to get to Cardinal Hill for outpatient because her goal is to go back to school come August the 22nd! 

Thanks everyone for all the continued thoughts/prayers during this difficult time!  Rehab is going to be a long road but Jordan has GOT THIS!  PRAY FOR JORDAN!


  1. Go Jordan Go! The news is getting better each time your Mom writes. Keep up the walking and be careful with the swimming. Love, Uncle Jack and Mary Ann

  2. SO glad that you both are home and that she's on the up and up now - and good to hear that she's out and about with you. And thank goodness for swimming!

  3. I am so happy for Jordan!! I will continue praying for her.
    Cheryl Kelley

  4. I wish I could trade places with Jordan! Such a great soul! So happy after everything she's been through. So glad you have so many people praying for you and with you everyday.
    I'm so depressed, I have no one to talk too or help me through all the stress I have built up inside. I wish I had your good soul and could forgive my family for hurting me. I have no will to live and need my family and friends. Wish I was a strong as Jordan!